Ice Music Festival

Identity + UI
Digital + Print

Promotional materials using a bilingual typographic system. The content was pulled from website of the Ice Music Festival Geilo in 2017. The festival emphasized geography and nature’s relationship to music, so I incorporated an topographic map-inspired lettering illustration throughout the materials.

Bilingual booklet for attendees at the event, focusing on how a typographic system deals with two different languages in the same space. Content was sourced from website of the Ice Music Festival Geilo in 2017. I intended for everything to simple and crisp, but not too perfected or rigid, and Frutiger’s humanist personality served that goal well.

When prototyping the website, I aimed to maintain my simple and straightforward approachwhile making it more visually striking to improve upon the original booklet.

One way I set out to make it more interesting was through a second typeface that would serve more as an image. For that, I used Eczar from Google Fonts, its distinct wedged and blocky serifs were exciting and reminded me of blocks of ice. Proxima Nova was my main typeface for this portion of the project, as it’s openness and friendliness reminded me of Frutiger, which was used in the booklet. Also, I think it’s easy to read and has the sort of laid back, friendly, put-together Scandinavian vibe that the ice music festival presents. Additional visual interest was achieved through the editing treatment of existing photos.

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