Typeface Cyrillic + Latin
Novosti is a text typeface inspired by our current news media landscape: unreliable, sensational, and less critical of those in power. Novosti signifies unflinching human communication in a time where serious, proletarian journalism is not the standard.

Initial research began by surveying the landscape of contemporary newspaper typefaces and their development. Next, I studied various perspectives on Non-Latin typeface design, exploring typefaces as cultural identity and the democratization of design knowledge and tools. Additionally, my interest in non-Latin scripts from the perspective of an outsider wanting to develop cultural understanding, proved to be a personal motivating force behind the typeface.

Type-focused research emphasized Latin typefaces designed for newspapers, then the development of the written and typographic Cyrillic alphabet. My sketches and first cuts of the typeface underwent refinement, whereby the typeface was tested and reviewed by consultant typographers and typesetters familiar with Cyrillic or are native readers. 

Overview of
Research and
Design Process

The core character set of Novosti Regular, designed for body copy using the Russian Cyrillic alphabet, is complete. However, I plan to expand upon this concept and create a larger family of typefaces. I have begun work on multiple weights and am in the process of designing a Latin set. Furthermore, I aim to design complementary Italics, broaden existing punctuation and include numerals, and include as well as additional glyphs to accommodate Cyrillic localizations.


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