Publication 20 × 26 cm, 100 pages Printed by Flash Reproductions
Pinfall is a magazine that explores contemporary professional wrestling through lenses of politics, critical theory, spectatorship, and nostalgia.

Professional wrestling is not taken seriously as a sport or entertainment medium. A growing and engaged global fanbase mainly keeps up with wrestling events and news online. Currently, only few printed publications about wrestling exist, and most of them are poorly designed, reinforcing its negative public perception. Since there are not many direct competitors, a person interested in or considering wrestling could be turned off by existing publications' designs alone.

To present professional wrestling as worth following, I emphasized artistic and conceptual elements to elevate the subject in public consciousness. Typography is often unexplored in sports publications, resulting in an abundance of bland sans serif columns of text. Additionally, I prioritized written and photographic content showcasing wrestling in Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area. Pinfall is dynamic and engaging, seeking to be seen, "a world of pain, up close and political."


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