Creative Solutions

I address social issues, such as an unreliable media landscape and stigmatized subcultures, through my studio work. Currently I am designing a Cyrillic typeface family for newspapers. This project was inspired by the current news media landscape—unreliable, sensational, and less critical of those in power—as well as my interest in Non-Latin scripts from the perspective of an outsider wanting to developing cultural understanding. The final typeface will stand for unflinching human communication in a time where serious, proletarian journalism is not the standard.

While language of user experience generally refers to digital interactions, much of my portfolio is print content that requires users to physically engage with the material of objects. My solutions are designed to make the user think, to reconsider their perceptions and the meaning of the subject at hand. Take, for instance, a card game where the player takes the role of a mixed martial artist and has matches with other people, can develop and exchange skills, and grow in their chosen disciplines. MMA is generally looked down upon and misunderstood as a violent brawl when it’s closer to a quest to find the most effective methodology. By putting the user in the fighter’s position and emphasizing technique while fostering competitive exchanges, they may come to understand it better and respect the dedication and craft required to succeed in the sport.


Graphic design is inherently political, and as a designer I acknowledge the impact it can have on society. Being an informed citizen and a culturally knowledgeable designer requires in depth research. For example, last year I researched at the intersections between activism, art, and graphic design, seeking an answer to whether designers have activist responsibilities or not. Secondary (readings) and primary (interviews) research strategies were essential to this investigative process.

Formal Aspects

Formally, my work has a distinct typographic voice. While the fonts vary from project to project, they share a common strength and boldness. I often take a photographic approach to imagery, emphasizing emotion, motion, and environment to various degrees depending on the subject matter and purpose. All of my design choices are deliberate, I love rigourous structure as much as I enjoy pushing boundaries with dynamic elements.



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